Healing Ministry

This ministry of teaching, prayer and caring is conducted in the Cathedral each Wednesday night at 6pm, led by Rev. Canon Christopher Allan.

The meeting is informal and designed to make our visitors, from all backgrounds, comfortable as they meet with us.

The service includes:

  • Prayer for healing with the laying on of hands
  • Prayer and singing
  • Bible reading
  • Address from the Bible, bringing into focus God's healing provision and promised blessings

You are encouraged to fellowship after the service over a cup of tea or coffee. For more information, please contact us on (02) 9265 1660, or visit our website: www.SydneyHeal.com.


Every Wednesday at 6pm, St Andrew's Cathedral

(usually finished at 7:15pm) 

Who comes to the Healing Service?

The simple answer is... everyone. We find people come along for reasons that are obvious and not obvious. Some of us are in great physical, emotional, relational or spiritual pain. Others are looking for answers. Some aren't even quite sure why they have come. But all agree, the Healing Service is a special, caring, loving and safe place.

What you can expect at our Healing Service:

  • Prayer:

Speaking out our trust and dependence on God (prayer) is the foundation of our Healing Service. We provide a time in our service where everyone has the opportunity for individual prayer (and if they desire, laying on of hands). After our Healing Service, a number of our leaders are available for more prayer and the anointing of oil with prayer.

  • God's Word:

The Bible is where we hear God speak to us, and where God has fully revealed himself to us through His son Jesus and His work of salvation on the cross. At the centre of our time is reading and reflecting on God's Word. As God's Word is taught to us, we are able to see how greatly we are loved by God, and that absolutely nothing is impossible for God.

  • Praising God in song:

It is always a privilege to stand and praise God. We are served and encouraged by a number of musicians who lead us in focusing on God's awesome sovereignty and overflowing love for us.

  • Meditation:

Whether it be after the sermon as we provide time to reflect on God's Word, or before and after the service in the ambiance of the Cathedral; we reflect on God meeting us at our point of need.

  • Fellowship:

Everyone is welcome at our service. We have time for a cup of tea both before and after the service where we can chat and share, be encouraged and loved. It is not uncommon to make lifelong friendships with caring and loving people.

  • Lord's Supper:

On the second Wednesday of the month, we remember Jesus' death for us by sharing the Lord's Supper. This traditional service begins at 5:30pm in the Cathedral.


The Healing Service is held every Wednesday at 6pm.

Lord's Supper - 2nd Wednesday of the month at 5:30pm