Learning English

New to Sydney or just passing through? Do you want to improve your English language skills? Why not join one of our Bible and English classes where you'll learn about God's plan for your life while improving your English.

Our trained teachers provide language and literacy training to those who have a desire to learn.

If you'd like to find out more, or have someone contact you, then please email indicating the class of most interest.

Women’s Bible and English class

The Cathedral holds free classes for women wanting to learn more about the Bible while improving their English. The classes are held on Thursdays at 10:00am during NSW state school terms with an optional Bible class afterwards (12:15-1pm). Unfortunately childminding is not available.

To find us, enter through the glass door behind the Cathedral, or ask a Welcomer in the Cathedral.

Sunday afternoon Bible and English class for Men and Women

The Cathedral holds free 8-Lesson basic English classes on Sunday afternoons for both men and women, Mandarin translation is available. Unfortunately childminding is not available. The class uses the Bible to practice reading, pronunciation, listening and asking questions. The class also includes practical Aussie-English conversation used in daily life.

This class does NOT run every Sunday. For more details, please phone and speak to Mr Wang in Mandarin only and on Sundays only: 0426 798 676 (This phone number is only answered on Sundays.).